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Cillit 12016 Immuno 152 By-pass Polyphosphate Device



Cillichemie Immuno 152 model polyphosphate proportional device with by-pass and  1/2" F-F connections

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Cillit Immuno FG 152 device is used as a proportioning device between water and the Cillit-55 dust polyphosphate.

It protects the system and hydraulic circuits connected to boilers, water heaters or boiller from limescale and corrosion. 
This dispenser does not require electrical power. Proportional dosing is hydrodynamically, using the energy produced by water flow. The dosage stops when the water flow does.


Cillit Immuno 152 FG special features: 

  • - Low pressure drop (0.29 bar) 
  • - No need of power supply 
  • - With by-pass valve
  • - Disco solubilizer to make it even easier the polyphosphate refill
  • - Group diaphragm 360 ° adjustable 
  • - Compliant materials in contact with water intended for human consumption as DM174/04 
  • - No. 2 Cillit MH-55 UNI refills included in the delivery

Data sheet

Height 180 mm
Width 85 mm
Connection 1/2"
Max Flow Rate 1500 lt/h
Nominal volume: 80 g
Max Temperature 40 °C
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